Sunday 18 September 2011

Back to England!

So we have all safely arrived back home! ^_^ All very tired! The journey back wasn't too bad went rather well really a few of us had a few problems with the amount of luggage (we were allowed 23 kilos but i had 25) so i had to move some thnigs around haha! Then I realised that I didnt know where my camera was and thought I left it in Spain so I was worrying the whole journey back hoping that I had my camera in my suitcase, emptied everything and didnt see it so I gave up and felt completely devistated that two weeks full of amazing photos had just gone - along with a camera my parents brought me for christmas..... buuuut then! I FOUND IT WOO! =D Soooooo happy! ^_^

We have had such a fantastic time in Spain, at some point it started to feel rather homey =) Although I think I can speak for all of us and say that we have missed our own beds =P

I may not really put much more on here now really unless I get to go back to Spain with Leonardo (hint hint =P) who knows, I may be an accompanying person one day!



Home time =(

The day has come! Time to head off back home to good ole Wolverhampton to be British again =P

had our very last night which was awesome i found myself dancing to rolling on a river with lots of spanish people and giggling at everything....

Right time to finish packing our coach is at 12 eek!

Adios amigos of Espanol we shall meet again maybe!



Saturday 17 September 2011

Day 13 - our last full day!!!

So the time has come! This is officialy our last full day where we can go do last minute crazy things, quickly pack our bags and hope to not be in a big rush for tomorrow!

A few of the guys have gone on a long day trip out to Vigo so most of us stayed here in La Coruna, we went to visit Picasso's house which was quite nice, went up to millenium point which was nice, done a bit of last day shopping, had some very nice tapas spaghetti bol (im never ordering 3 tapas meals ever again its just too much!!) and went to another football match xD we won again 2-1! hehe was awesome!

So we are just chilling at the moment again really getting ready for a good proper night out =P


Day 12

Soooooo last day of placement! Can not believe how fast our trip has gone, we leave on Sunday!! =(

Today in my placement I recorded me playing guitar and singing, I done a cover of Amy Mcdonalds - Mr rock n roll and Marcus is going to mix it for me so it will sound a lot nicer than the raw recording hehe xD So I've had a great last day with my placement and said my goodbyes =)

After placement we all came back to chill, I updated my blog, and most of the group went out for meal at an Italian restraunt we went to earlier on in the week but a couple of us didn't fancy it so I called my Espanol friend and headed off for some tapas elsewhere xD was 1 euro per tapas how awesome is that!! yum!

Friday 16 September 2011

Some photos to laugh at!

Day 11

Sooooo im trying to catch up with my blog posts as you can probly tell most of them are sent on the same day as i'm out here having so much fun that i have to back track on the past few days, thankfully most of the time I have been writing them down to job my memory haha =P its been a little difficult now and then keeping up with the blog because of internet connection and because ive been using my phone its made it not as simple as it should be, plus by the time i get back in from wherever we have been I am pretty tired and just want to rest

however..... dont worry, I havn't forgotten about you all =)

yesturday was such a great day for me, ive not been feeling myself the past few days maybe i'm home sick or something not sure, but we just chilled out for most of the day after our placement really then later we went on to irish bar and then another bar where we bumped into our Spanish friend! Had a few drinks and just had a nice chilled out night...... then of course we went to shamrocks =P but by this time I was pretty tired so whilst the other went off to another bar I went off to bed hehe =)

Day 10

So I had a real sleep in today =P Placement wasn't till 3pm today so we just chilled till then, placement wasn't too bad same as the other days really as there is only so much we can do to be honest

so beach time me thinks! =D feeling pretty good today so i'm going to pluck up the courage and go swimming in the sea, get my kit off and all that jazz =P I'm pretty glad I've actually caught the sun though and thankfully no burns! woooo ^_^

usual shiz tonight really (its getting a little too obvious now where we are heading off to) we went out to an Italian resteraunt was very nice had lasagne yum! =)